Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Islam and the Importance of Knowledge (Guest Article by Raghad)

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Alhamdulillahi rabil ‘alamin, I praise Allah and ask him to raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upun Him.

In the Quran Allah ta’ala ordered Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, to ask for his knowledge to increase. Allah ta’ala said in the Quran wa qur rabi zidni ‘ilma Surat Taha ayah 114. The prophet was not ordered to ask an increase of anything but knowledge, indicating the importance of knowledge.

The Prophet, Peace Be Upin Him,  said talabul ‘ilmi faridatoun ‘ala kulli Muslim. As narrated by imam al Bayhaqiyy.
This hadith means that seeking the knowledge is an obligation on every Muslim.

Hence there is an amount of knowledge that each Muslim needs to know and must acquire. This knowledge is of two types. ‘ilmul hal the immediate knowledge and ‘ilmul ma’al the deferred knowledge.

The immediate knowledge is that which the person needs to know immediately such as the details of purification tahara and salah or the essential maters of the belief. This knowledge also includes learning about the sins of different body parts so that the person can avoid these sins and repent from them if he had committed them.

The deferred knowledge is that which the person can delay learning until he has a need for it. Such as learning the details of hajj. If the person is poor and unable to go to hajj it is not an obligation on him to learn its rules however if he becomes able and is going to hajj then he must learn the judgments relating to it.
Because of the importance of this knowledge, we will inshallah have biweekly messages pertaining to this knowledge.

I ask Allah to grant us reward and gather us in Paradise.

Raghad is my cousin and she and her family have a much deeper understanding of the Quran, the traditional Arabic used in the Quran, its meaning and its instructions than I do.

Inshallah, she and her family will be able to contribute regularly to this blog.

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Special Edition Article: The Transformative Power of Lucid Dreaming

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Be A Quiet Scared of Allah Subhanawatalla

Could you imagine the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, yelling at the followers of Allah Subhanwatalla (NOT MOHEMAD'S, but Allah's followers!)?

I am going to try to eventually find a hadith for this, but I am concentrating on other hadiths first. I cannot imagine the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, would yell at Allah's followers, because that would make them scared of HIM and not of the infinite power of Allah subhanawatalla.

We should be quiet and humble in the house (his house is EVERYWHERE) of Allah Subhanawatalla.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Worcester "Islamic" Center

Brick building houses
and run-down rivers
and black men
with tired feet
and Arabs
with tired wives
and white men
with tired tongues
twisted true
by the Quran.

How can you sell
such words?
Such words that are not human,
but humane.

How can you turn
a "Mosque" into a business?

Have not you heard of Isa
and the wicked synogogues
and the products they sold
and the tables he overturned?

Do you not know
that if someone gave you a fig,
or gave you a spider
to weave a web around your cave,
or gave you a cave,
or gave you a river of milk,
or gave you the sun,
or gave you the moon,
that these would never belong to you
because they exist-
in the house
of Allah.

The Islamic Calender

We count our days
by the moon, of course,
and not by the sun.

The moon,
which pulls the tides
and obscures the stars
and tugs on our hearts,
maybe to test our faith,
or maybe just
to build our patience.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Read My Special Addition Article: Aladdin, The Genie and "The Diamond in the Rough"

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How Often Should You Shower?

The Propher (Peace Be Upon Him) bathed only once a week.

Now, I know what you are thinking (gross!) but he did do other things to safeguard his odor. One of those things was that he shaved his armpits and pubic area once a month.

He also talks about in at least one of his sunnah women wearing perfume.

I am assuming (I could be wrong on this point) he would also encourage guys to wear deodorant and cologne.

Two reasons he may have bathed only once a week is because he was already doing wudu five times a day, thereby cleansing his body, and he may have been trying to conserve water.